Nanci’s students are energized and motivated by her teaching style, which includes a clear and genuine focus on thinking, reasoning, and imagining.

Nanci brings this same energetic creativity to all that she does – from the design of her horses’ stable and the pattern-based work of her equine physical rehabilitation practice, to her teaching. ~Abigail Nemec Bloxsom, M.Ed. Director of Equine Programs, Post University

I took the class to learn how to enable the horses (used in the EquusTherapeutic Riding, Inc. program) to better able them to do their jobs. To learn how I can effect change. [I saw] amazing transformations in the horses’ movement. It was just right for a one day clinic. ~ Sandy Brown, N. Adams, MA

The horse that I usually ride was always sore. He had HYPP, navicular and a club foot. I was blaming all of theses for his soreness and wanted to know if there was any way to make him more comfortable. I learned a lot. I felt I really helped the horse I ride. He moved freer and seemed to carry himself better. learned to trust his reactions to what he was telling me. I would take more advanced versions of the clinic. ~Jenna Gancarz, Williamstown, MA

I’ve seen the positive results of equine massage amd wanted to increase my skill set. It exceeded my expectations. The hands-­‐on practice was hugely helpful to translate the A+P sheets to real life examples. Also having you walk us through our horse’s reactions to know how to handle and move on was great. This class gave me confidence. Thank you. ~Kim Raftery Lee, MA

Thanks so much for your encouragement and all that I was able to learn during your lessons.You have a true gift for instilling confidence and also for explaining things in a way that I could easily take in.
~Sheri B. Hillsdale, NY

Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your incredible knowledge with us last week. Great job – left with an appreciation of balance & movement that will change the way I approach my horse – on the ground and mounted.  ~ CL

I’ve been using the technique you taught me on Lily’s leg for lymphatic drainage and I just can’t believe the difference it has made.  The swelling is down significantly and the wound area looks more pink and healthy than I’ve ever seen it.  I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am, and how great it feels to know that I can do this myself – I never thought that something as simple as you taught me could make so much difference. You have a true gift for teaching people who don’t think they have the ability.  ~ HLW, Hillsdale, NY

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