EM-401 Communication Through Equine Body & Mind Integration (CEBMI)

Prerequisite: Significant horse experience is required to participate in this clinic.

This is a 9 month certification course that provides up 50 CEU hours for licensed massage therapists.

This 9 month course will meet 1 day per month for 9 months with required homework and practice between each session. Each session will be 6 hours. 

Each session will build on what’s been learned in prior sessions. In addition to the monthly sessions, participants are encouraged to interact with the other participants and Nanci via email, a blog forum, sending video of their practice sessions and more.

There will be both a hands on exam and visual presentation exam at the end of the nine months. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate; this is not a licensing course (NY, MA & CT do not recognize a license for equine massage). This course will allow for a maximum of 6 participants to allow individual participation and instruction. Smaller class size allows for greater participation and more detailed instruction.

Topics that the sessions will focus on, in depth:

    Gross Anatomy of Locomotive Systems, Bone Structures and Muscular Structures.
    Anatomy of the Equine Digit & Hoof Function, and its Effect on Gaits
    The Gaits, Body Mechanics & Proprioception
    Confirmation and the effect of Body Mechanics on Performance
    Behavioral characteristics of a moving horse and their origins
    Common problems of the Locomotor System
    Lymphatic drainage and how to address scars
    Gain the knowledge to explain what you’re doing and why to others, you will learn the tools needed to help track your progress and to use with your students, volunteers, etc.

This clinic is a 9 month certification course that provides 50 CEU hours for licensed massage therapists, including 2 hours of ethics training.

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