equine sports massageOur Mission Statement : “Empowering others to provide wellness support through the simplicity of massage therapy and allied holistic healing techniques.”

EquiMotion is an equine massage therapy program that has major advantages over traditional horse massage schools. Our scheduling is flexible, working within your timeframe and your learning style. Each of our equine massage classes or clinics is suited for different levels of horsemen and horsewomen! Choose from the basics to a complete equine massage certification training program. Visit our clinic page for details on our specific equine massage courses.

Equine Sports Massage is a preventative therapy which helps horses maintain healthy muscle function and performance, improving flexibility and range of motion, therefore reducing the chances of injury. It helps to reduce the risk, severity and frequency of injuries, improves your horse’s agility and minimizes restrictions caused by scar tissue. It is a tool to detect potential problems before they become full blown. Massage is a way to speed up the recovery process for injured horses by increasing circulation, reducing fluid buildup and muscle soreness and more. Our equine massage classes will school you in how to help your horse!

Equine massage is a new language, another form of communication, one in which you become more in tune with your horse and more aware. Massage is a natural, non-invasive approach to “re-charging” your horse’s battery and providing holistic healing. And believe it or not, it’s simple to learn and easy to apply to your every day routine.



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