Horse & Rider Rehabilitation

gusgusBecause Nanci is not only certified in equine massage, but is a licensed massage therapist for humans, she brings a wealth of knowledge to how the horse affects the rider, and how the rider affects the horse.

In addition to Nanci’s educational clinics for teaching the rider to achieve better movement from the horse, Nanci takes clients on a limited basis for horse and rider sessions.   Each session is approximately an hour long and Nanci uses her skills as both a licensed massage therapist and a lifelong devotee to the study of equine biomechanics and kinesiology to enhance the well being of horse and rider.

Having a movement specialist observe and then perform bodywork on a horse and rider team is an experience not to be missed. Things that were previously a struggle can be improved in a single session. 

Over the years, Nanci has learned that sometimes shortness of stride in a horse can be caused by physical limitations in a rider, and the same can go for a horse holding a rider back because of physical issues manifesting in a crooked rider.

By identifying and addressing these issues on a physical level it opens the door to new possibilities in correct movement for BOTH horse and rider.

Contact Nanci Worthington at 413-329-5573 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.  Your horse will thank you.

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