Nanci Worthington started training as, what was called at the time, a holistic healer. Training for Healers was a two year program at the Center of the Light in New Marlborough, MA that was designed to enhance the work of all practitioners of healing arts, including doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, and mom and dad wanabees. It covered anatomy and physiology from both a western and eastern perspective, something that at the time was revolutionary.

It was then that Nanci discovered her skill as an energy worker and massage therapist. Though her strength as a body worker originally lay in the combination of Reiki and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, massage therapy was the most readily acceptable approach.

Today, Nanci is a successful licensed massage therapist with a thriving human practice, which naturally evolved to include her passion for horses.

The equine massage work came out of a need to enhance the well-being of her own quirky crew of horses that ultimately turned into a therapeutic modality. The work, based in both Equine Sports Massage Therapy and pattern riding designed with the horse in mind, allows horse and rider to connect on a physical and intuitive level that takes communication between horse and rider to the next level.

Nanci became certified in Equissage in 1999, and since then has continued to research and develop her instructional courses.  She currently is an adjunct professor and creator of the Equine Sports Massage concentration in the Post University Equine Program. She also teaches Equine Locomotion from a Natural Horsemanship Perspective at Post University.

Equine massage is only one facet of Nanci’s technique.  EquiMotion refers to a four pronged approach to the horse’s ability to improve movement and function using bodywork, in hand work, pattern work under saddle and structural integration.

One of the other advantages of Nanci being a licensed massage therapist is that she also does bodywork on the rider to allow the horse to succeed without restrictions from the rider, which is a common occurance!

Nanci is also an athlete and an artist. She started out as a potter, musician and dancer, all of which culminated in being a dancing rider of horses (at least in her heart , if not always obvious to the casual viewer). An over thirty year practice of Iyengar based Hatha Yoga and trail running, she also was an aerobics and fitness teacher and is currently a ski instructor working to a PSIA Level II certification.

She has also had a ludicrous number of accidents, both major and minor. She has come to implicitly trust the power and simplicity of massage therapy, incorporating as a basic part of her own wellness practice. Without it, and the experience she has had with it both as a practitioner and receiver, wouldn’t be where she is today.

“At the end of the day I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share what I do and what I’ve learned in over twenty years of providing wellness support through the use of massage therapy.” ~ Nanci

To learn even more about Nanci, visit The Art of Wellness.

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